Money Saving Tips posted here!

Hey all! As you can see, I am making some changes to my blog. I am trying to keep posts that I felt you would like in certain categories in one post. The links here are just posts that I’ve put up on my blog in the past. I hope these help you!

How to save on Grocery Bills

Saving on everyday expenses

Liz Weston living on one income article. I have to say, I LOVE reading Liz’s articles! She has so many great ideas/suggestions on how to save money. Being a single parent, I of course live on one income, not by choice, but necessity. There are times I know I am living outside my means and really need to cut back. It’s not so easy though to try and save money! Since I no longer get alimony, unfortunately I’ve had to tap into savings more than I care to think about. Gotta get that under control 🙁