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Disclosure Policy

The blog, Single Parent Retreat, is written, edited, and published by the listed blog author. It is not a collaborative blog. Guest posts are unusual and shall be indicated as such.

The author of Single Parent Retreat receives products FREE of charge from companies to review. In exchange for the review, the blog author does keep the product(s) that are being tested and reviewed. These reviews are the opinions of the blog author only. I am not influenced to write a specific review of any product that is and will be listed on this blog. I only write a product review based solely on my experience with the product being reviewed. I do not receive cash as compensation as an advertiser of reviewed products. Unless otherwise noted in the blog post, I do get to keep all products, from said company, manufacturer, or PR firm. These items do not influence the blog author’s review in any way.

Advertising on Single Parent Retreat Blog is not paid to blog owner. All advertising from companies on Google Ads is solely a relationship between Google Ads and those companies. The blog author does receive cash compensation from Google Ads on a per click basis. The blog author does not choose the ads placed on the Single Parent Retreat Blog and does not endorse said products.

Any comments, questions, or complaints about products are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. All communications regarding those products should be directed to the manufacturer(s) of the product(s). The blog, Single Parent Retreat, is not liable for others’ experiences with the products reviewed on this blog. The product review is a personal experience and therefore unpaid opinion.

The Single Parent Retreat Disclosure policy applies to all product reviews published on this blog unless otherwise stated in the blog post.