Making money online and Affiliate Programs I am with

I’m listing here several ways that I go about making some money online. It’s relatively easy to do, so when you get the chance, check it out!

Swagbucks I am starting to work more with this, but I’ve seen posts from people that they are constantly receiving gift cards.

Inbox Dollars – Payout at $30.00. I have received a couple of checks already with Inbox Dollars. This is a valid source. It’s not fast, unless you have referral bonuses, but you receive about .03 per email you click on. You don’t even have to fully read the email that you click on unless it is something that interests you. Just clicking it and shutting down the tab is fine 🙂

My Likes – This is a site that you can send your likes to Twitter and have people click on them. You do get paid per click. They can pay you through PayPal. I have not yet had a payment from them as I am just starting with them.

Affiliate programs I am involved with:

I have links/buttons in my sidebars for companies that I am involved with. If you decide to shop at these places, please feel free to click on them and make your purchases that way!

I bring these to your attention as most bloggers do not make money by doing reviews. Yes, the free product is fantastic and I love it! However, if you plan to join any of the above or shop at any of the companies I am affiliated with, it would be great to be linked in as a referrer to bring in that income as well! As a single mama, every little bit certainly helps 🙂

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I was a member of inbox dollar and won some money from Email but then it stops sending emails to me. I don’t for what reason. Do you get regular emails??

Hi there! I actually do still receive regular emails from Inbox to this day. I’ve been doing it for several years now.

Thanks for sharing your tips. It’s good to know how someone else does it.

I am your newest follower from the Friday Blog hop. Hope you will stop and say Hi anytime. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Have a great day.

Do you use My Points? I’ve found this is a reliable source, though like most it takes time to build up, but it sure is easy! We used it one year to help pay for a trip to Disney World for two weeks (obviously it did not finance the whole thing–I wish!) Hope you will visit my blogs: and my other blogs listed at the bottom right of that page if you are planning a wedding or event anytime soon or just enjoy seeing what’s out there